80’s Night

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Hey guys, so the other night, my friend and I decided to have a bit of an 80’s night. I was so excited to try to recreate one of my favourite looks for the 80’s – that of Taylor Dayne in the Tell it to my Heart music video. It wasn’t the most attractive makeup look – orange eye makeup with a red lip but I really loved it. I tried to make my hair as big as humanly possible which proved to be a pretty difficult task so I basically just wore it a little messier than usual. Below are some pictures of the hair and makeup that I wore:
80's Night 1
80's Night 2

I also tried to recreate the outfit Taylor Dayne wore in the video as much as possible so I wore all black with a leather jacket and ankle boots. I love the 80’s fashion and music so much that it was nice to escape all the college work I have at the moment and go back to the 80’s for a night. Below is the outfit I wore along with the music video that inspired the look. I know her hair is a bit crazy but I would actually really love to try get my hair like that for a night, it is so cool!

80's Night 3

I hope you liked this post. I might do another one in the future of maybe more 80’s night looks or other decades like the 90’s or 70’s. I’ve been thinking of maybe doing a series on my YouTube channel of hair and makeup tutorials from different time periods so please leave a comment below or save this post on Bloglovin if you would like to see that, and i’ll talk to you soon.

80's Night 4

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