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*Disclaimer: This was a snapshot food diary of what I ate a day at a certain time in my life while I was learning how to be more healthy (I had a shockingly bad diet before this). I’m NOT necessarily saying this is a healthy way to eat that you should follow or that I still follow today.
A Bad Day | What I Ate Today 1
In Today’s What I ate today, I had a pretty bad day in terms of sticking to my diet. I ended up giving in and getting a takeaway and I didn’t have the healthiest breakfast. Anyway, here is what I had.

7:00am – Green Tea

I woke up early today and made myself a cup of green tea. I sat in bed and watched YouTube videos as a sipped my green tea while tried to wake up properly. This is my new favourite way to start the day.
A Bad Day | What I Ate Today 2

10:30am- Breakfast 

For breakfast, I decided to have something different so I made pancakes. I tried to be good so I only had three and thought that it would keep me full for most of the day which it actually did. I didn’t need to eat again until half four. I had the pancakes with sugar and lemon, and they were really tasty.
A Bad Day | What I Ate Today 3

4:30pm – Dinner

This is when my eating healthy really went down the drain. Me and my sister when on a day trip to take pictures for a new outfit of the day and when we were done, we decided to get KFC. I got a boneless banquet which is basically boneless chicken pieces, popcorn chicken, chips, gravy and a Pepsi. This ensured that I was over in my calories in the day but I had been good for the past two weeks so I don’t feel too bad about it. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be back to watching what I eat.
A Bad Day | What I Ate Today 4

8:30pm – Hot Chocolate

Later that evening, I had a hot chocolate made with skimmed milk. I’ve been drinking so much hot chocolate lately, well only like a cup a day, not like ten cups. I’m thinking about cutting down on it a bit and maybe only have one every second day and then a green tea on every other day.
A Bad Day | What I Ate Today 5
So that was everything I ate. I hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t find it completely boring. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of them. Also, If you liked it, make sure to save it on Bloglovin or give it a +1 on Google Plus. I hope you have a good day and I’ll talk to you soon.
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