Alien Thierry Mugler Perfume Review

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Recently I got a present of the Thierry Mugler perfume Alien for my birthday. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you may know that I’ve wanted this perfume for about two years now so I was so happy to finally get it. I first found out about this perfume because my friend owned it and I loved the scent. I then got a free sample of it when I was buying some Christmas presents and I’ve wanted it ever since.
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Alien has quite a strong scent. When I got it as a present I realised that it was a bit stronger than I had remembered. The good news about this is that this means it lasts quite a long time and you don’t need much of it to smell amazing. The main scents in this perfume are jasmine, white amber and cashmeran wood. I feel like this perfume has a sort of masculine hint to it, like it isn’t the typical floral feminine scent; It has an edge to it. I think this perfume needs to be used a bit sparingly, maybe just one or two sprays at a time, otherwise it could change from a gorgeous scent to being quite overwhelming fairly quickly.


I’ve heard mixed opinions about its unique bottle. I personally really like it. The dark purple gives it a more luxurious feel and its exotic shape seems to reflect the name of the perfume. It really does look a bit like something you might find in outer space and reminds me of the Break Free music video by Ariana Grande. This is a 30ml bottle but I think I prefer the shape of the 60ml bottle which is a bit more of a square shape. The bottle that I received is also a refillable bottle so that I can easily buy refills for it for much cheaper than if I were to buy the entire thing again. If you are buying this perfume make sure to check if it is a refillable bottle or not because it can save you quite a bit of money if you are planning on repurchasing it every year or two.


I guess the downside of this perfume is how expensive it is, hence the fact that I haven’t gotten around to buying it in the two years that I’ve wanted it.  It’s about €60-70 euros for the 30ml bottle and almost €100 for the 60ml. If you get the eau de toilette instead of the eau the parfum it is cheaper with the 30ml being €45 and the 60ml being around €70, and because this perfume is so strong I think that the eau de toilette would be actually quite nice. If you are interested in getting this perfume, you can get it in most perfume shops or drugstores or you can also buy it here on Amazon, although I would recommend that you smell it before you buy it. 

Click the image below to buy on Amazon:

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If you have ever tried this perfume before, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. Also, let me know what is your favourite expensive perfume to splurge on? Talk to you soon.

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