Be Enough, Do Enough

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Be Enough, Do Enough 1
Hey guys, I saw this quote today and it really made me think. The last few weeks I’ve been really busy with work, college, YouTube and my blog, so I’m falling behind in a lot of things.


Everyday I have a big to-do list to complete and I never finish it. This post isn’t about having to sacrifice any of the things though because I still feel like I can manage them all, I just probably won’t be able to read the million books that I have to read for English this semester. This post is about not feeling bad if you aren’t getting as much done as you want.


Sure, if you lay on the couch all day and do nothing then you can feel a bit guilty, but if you stayed all day in the library to get an essay done and got half of it done, then you shouldn’t feel bad about that. This seems pretty obvious as I’m writing it, but if you are like me, you will feel like you should have been able to get that done, and now you’re behind on the work you have to do tomorrow already. 


Today, I have the day off work and I have so much to do but I want to be able to say at the end of the day, that no matter how much I got done, it was enough. This post is quite similar to the one I wrote last month, “Go easy on yourself“, but I guess I just find it hard to say that I’m doing enough and working hard enough. Have you ever felt the same?


I just want to say thank you to everyone reading my blog and watching my YouTube videos because they are something that I really enjoy doing when I’m taking time away from all of the other stressful things I have to do each week. It nice to relax and write about my new favourite beauty product or mess around filming a fun challenge video. 


I hope you liked this blog post. Have you ever felt liking you are constantly trying to get things done but not nearly getting as much done as you should? Or are you really relaxed and never get stressed out about those sort of things? Leave a comment below 🙂
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