Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review

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Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review 1
Hey guys, happy father’s day! So when I was last in Benefit, I got a couple of free samples with a purchase, one of which was a sample of their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. I used it once or twice on holidays because I didn’t want to have to bring a big bottle of foundation with me and I found that I loved it. It makes my skin look really radiant and it lasts for ages. In Ireland, it retails at about €36 which is super expensive for a foundation. I don’t think that I’ve ever paid more than €15 for a foundation before, but then I’ve never tried a high end brand foundation before. This foundation does what it says in the tin and makes my skin look so flawless looking so for that I give it props, but €36 is so much to pay for foundation that I don’t know if I would ever actually purchase it. Decide for yourself what you think of this foundation from the before or after pictures below.                                                        
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review 2
Before the foundation
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review 3
After applying the foundation
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review 4
6 hours later
I think this foundation is great and I love the way it sits on my skin but I just feel like there are so many amazing drugstore foundations for less than a third of the price. I think that, since I have pretty good skin anyway, that foundation isn’t a product that I need to splurge on every couple of months when I run out. What do you think? Do you like to splurge on your foundation or do you think that the drugstore brands are just as good? Leave a comment down below. 
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