Is This The Best All Natural Skin Care Cream? | Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Review

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Something that I got a bit obsessed with this year was checking the ingredients list on skincare products for “bad” alcohols and chemicals. I’ve been on the hunt for a fairly natural moisturiser with a high SPF. I’m still looking for one I’m 100% happy with but I have found some other great skincare products along the way. One of them is the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, which some people are saying online is the best all natural skin care cream. 

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I got this cream in Boots for around €40. I originally picked it up because I thought I had heard someone on YouTube talk about it but it turned out that they were talking about another cream (I can’t remember what it was anymore). I did a quick google search of it when I was in the shop and it seems like a lot of people online love it. Apparently, this cream can be used as a skin moisturizer, to heal burns, fade scars, to treat nappy rash, as a hair mask and much more. I think it’s one of those love it or hate it products though because any bad reviews I saw of it were by people who seemed to hate it. 


The thing that stood out to me at first (other than me thinking it was a cream that someone had mentioned) was how it actually seemed to have all natural ingredients. Go through the skin care aisles in Boots and read the ingredients lists if you don’t get how rare that is. Every skin care cream and its mother seems to have phenoxyethanol in it (including a lot of the more natural ones I’ve found). This cream, on the other hand, has only 6 ingredients.


In case you are wondering, the ingredients in this cream are Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen & Bee Propolis. Ingredients-wise the only downside is that it isn’t vegan. But seriously, look at the ingredients lists on the back of all the other skin care in Boots to understand how excited I was to see this one didn’t have loads of chemicals or dozens and dozens of ingredients. I get the feeling that whatever all natural plus vegan cream I find that I will love will not be found it Boots (at least not yet, though they are getting better at stocking more natural products).


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As you can see from the picture above, the cream doesn’t really have the consistency of a typical “cream”. I can’t really explain it but it’s kind of like petroleum jelly but heavier. Not heavier as in greasier (it’s less greasy I think) but heavier as in more body/weight if that makes sense. Also, it’s slightly grittier than petroleum jelly and not as smooth (which sounds like a horrible description but trust me it’s nicer than putting petroleum jelly on your face).


Some people report having gotten breakouts after using this cream and I can see why if you use it the wrong way. The secret is to rub it between your fingers first so it becomes warmer and thinner and then apply it. Otherwise, I can see how people would find it too thick or greasy. I sometimes use it on really dry areas or areas that don’t really break out (like my neck) straight from the tub.


If you don’t like anything that leaves a sort of greasy/oily residue than this cream isn’t for you. I for some reason like when a cream does this cuz I know it’s working. I have never been a person who would need to use a moisturiser day and night and I feel if I did with this cream that it would be too much and I might break out. I do like to use something with a high SPF during the day and then some sort of heavy/oily serum at night to keep my skin for drying out. I like this product much more as a night cream. 


So is it the best all natural skin care cream?


I actually really like this cream. It is very moisturising so if I’m worried about my skin drying out or how deep any dehydration lines (can also be known as wrinkles :P) are getting, I just apply some and I feel I don’t need to worry anymore. I have never been one to follow a strict skincare routine, and besides what anyone might say, I feel it is better to intuitively judge what your skin needs each day than to follow a routine no matter what, that might make your skin too dry or oily. 


This is one of the reasons I like this cream. If I was following a strict routine and applying it in the morning and at night, I think it would be too much and I probably would break out. The way I use it is I can apply it every night if I feel my skin needs it or is getting too dry. Otherwise, I can go a few days without applying it or use some essential oils instead for a night when my skin already feels pretty nourished. 


I almost forgot to mention that when I first got it, I also used it to remove my makeup at night and I loved it for that. The only reason I stopped doing that is that I haven’t really been wearing makeup at all lately. It is amazing as an all natural makeup remover. I’m not even sure if it’s supposed to be used for that I love it as a makeup remover. 


I don’t know if it’s the best all natural skin care cream but I really like it and would definitely think about buying it again if I can’t find any sort of vegan alternative. If you would like to buy it you can get it at your local Boots store or you can buy it here online.


You can also buy it here on Amazon (Just double-check the reviews to make sure it is the real product, The one I linked is fulfilled by Amazon and has great reviews but depending on where you are located in the world, Amazon can redirect you to a different version of the same product. Eg. Someone who is from Japan would click on the U.S link I just posted and be redirected to a different seller of the same product on Amazon Japan). I hope you are having a great day and I’ll talk to you soon. 

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Is this the best all natural skin care cream_ Egyptian magic skin cream review


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