Bioderma Micellar Water Review | Bioderma Crealine H20 Solution Micellaire (Sensibio H2O) Review

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Hey guys, today I wanted to do a bioderma micellar water review. I heard rave reviews about this makeup remover/water-based cleanser but I knew that it was only sold in France so I would only be able to get it online which would be pretty expensive. So when I moved here (France) for four months for college, I knew that I had to try the Bioderma Crealine H2O solution micellaire. I found it fairly fast here in France because it is available in most pharmacies and I got the 500ml bottle for €12 which I know is a lot cheaper than I would have got online. bioderma miceller water review (picture of bioderma micellar water)

I’ve had it for a few months now but when I first tried it out, I didn’t think it was anything special. I had no cotton pads at the time so I just used tissue, and I found that it didn’t remove my makeup as well as a makeup wipe would, especially the eyeliner. I needed to rub hard at my eyes to try to remove my makeup like this.


I then started removing my makeup by squirting some of it on a makeup wipe and then using that to remove it. I know that is stupid but then I found it didn’t work well at all with tissues and had no cotton pads (which I kept forgetting to buy) so I thought that by doing this, I’m using the product that I just bought for €12 and I’m cleansing my face too because makeup wipes alone don’t cleanse your skin.


Here comes the good news, I eventually got cotton pads to remove my makeup and I found that the Bioderma worked so much better with them. I can even get off my most stubborn eyeliner by holding a cotton pad with some Bioderma on it on my closed eye for a few seconds before trying to wipe away the eye makeup. This works well because then the Bioderma kind of soaks into the makeup and this helps it to be removed a lot easier and gentler when rubbing it off so you don’t have to tug on your eyes.


Another thing I really love it for I found out when I was doing my friends makeup and it is also how I hear professional makeup artist like to use it. When you make a slight mistake (or a big one) doing eye makeup, just put some Bioderma on a cotton earbud and you can get rid of the smallest mistakes. I really like it for this because I’m always trying to get my eyeliner perfect and now I know that if I make a mistake that it can be easily fixed. One other thing about this product that I have found that since using it is that my skin is not as dry. Usually, my nose is super dry and that can sometimes make my makeup look flaky but now it seems to be pretty normal so I’m really glad.


I really like this product now but it still is pretty expensive and hard to get ( in Ireland). I think that when I run out of it, I will try to find something local and cheaper that’s as good but if I can’t I think I will definitely be going back to Bioderma because I really love it now. You can buy this product here on Amazon.


Hope you liked this review 🙂 Have you tried the Bioderma micellar water? If you were disappointed with it, was it because any of the same reasons that I thought it was overrated in the beginning? Or do you love it? Leave a comment below.

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