Bumbags: Fetch or Wretch??

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Bumbags: Fetch or Wretch?? 1

Hey guys, so lately I’ve noticed that bumbags have been coming back into shops which is a bit strange because I never thought that they would come back into fashion. If you don’t remember them, bumbags were all the range in the 90’s, mostly for going on your holidays because you could keep your money and your passport attached to your waist without having the bother of holding something. It’s strange to think that they might be coming back because I don’t think people in the 90’s even thought they were fashionable. The good news is that, now that they have come back, they seem to be a bot more modern and the designs are a bit more on trend. I can’t decide if I like them or not because even if some of them look quite nice, they are still bumbags in my mind, and when I think of bumbags, I think of tacky.

I think that bumbags do actually have the potential to become quite big though because they would be extremely handy to carry all of your stuff in on a night out, and we all know how annoying it is trying to dance while holding on to a handbag. These could definitely catch on if some of the trendy celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian started to wear them, because then all their fans would do the same. I mean if Jennifer Lawrence wore army pants and flips flops, then I’d buy army pants and flip flops, so what is the difference with bumbags? 😛

I’ve put the picture above so that you can see what types of bumbags are out there. If you do like the idea of bumbags, and want to get any of the ones in the picture above, I will link to the websites they came from now:
1. Pieces Siabella Bumbag Box – Asos (€42.17)
2. Black Leopard Print Bumbag – River Island (€25)
3. Black Tassel Trim Bumbag – River Island (€25)
4. Studded Panel Bumbag – boohoo.com (€16)
5. Cream Tassel Trim Bumbag – River Island (€25)

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Bumbags: Fetch or Wretch?? 2
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