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Hey guys, today I want to get a little serious with you, well not that serious but I want to discuss a slightly more important topic than usual. I don’t know how many of you are struggling with figuring what to do for a career but I know it can be really difficult for some people. Many people know pretty early on what they want to do but for others, it can take years. If you didn’t know, I’ve just finished my degree and will be graduating in a month or two. This is the point where me and most of my friends are starting to really freak out about what to do. I’ve probably been stressing about this since I was 16, and have gone through what seems like every possible career idea. I feel like I made the wrong choice with my degree and I’ve messed up; that I should have done something else.

I think for a lot of people, that not getting into a University or getting a good job in the right area straight after their degree can almost feel like the end of the world. There are so many choices, and I think a lot of us fear making the wrong one and it ruining our lives. What we are missing is that there is no one decision that can ruin our lives. We can always find another way to do something or change our minds entirely. You might have to get a loan or work a crap job for a few years to save up to change directions but you are never stuck; there is always a way.

Don’t let the stress of deciding what you want to do, or achieving it, bring you down. Don’t let it ruin the memories you are making right now. Even if your problem isn’t about what you want to do but about not getting the grades for it, you aren’t out of options. There are so many other options like certificates and diplomas in smaller courses that add up to the grades you need for University, or doing an apprenticeship or starting your own business. You are never out of options and you are never out of time. You can still go back to college, publish your first novel or create your own fashion line when you are eighty if you want 😛 I hope keeping this in mind helps to keep you from getting too stressed out about these sort of things because it does for me. The world is full of possibilities, and realistically if we ruin one, there are still so many left to choose from.

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