Casual Look for Autumn From ZARA

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Casual Look for Autumn From ZARA 1

Hey guys, today I was looking on the ZARA website and I put together this casual look for Autumn. First I saw the bomber jacket and I created the rest of the look around it. I just think that this is a cool look for Autumn, really casual and relaxed, but also quite stylish at the same time. I think this outfit would be ideal for going to college or shopping with a friend. I would wear the jacket open so you could see the T-shirt underneath and I would wear the bag on one shoulder with the long strap so that it would hang by my side. I think if I was going to wear any jewelry with it that it would be a really simple necklace, and probably a watch too. Below are the individual items, a link to them on the ZARA website, and their prices.

1. Leather Shopper Bag (€89.95) ZARA
I really like this bag. The messenger bag is one of my favourite types of bag. The colour is gorgeous too but I was a bit taken aback by the price. I didn’t think it would be any more than €40 but €89.95 is a lot for a bag. I think €40-€50 is the most I would spend on a bag right now, and that even seems like a lot when you compare it to the Pennys bags for €12. It’s a really nice bag but I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Also, it was just pointed out to me that this is made of real leather so I definitely won’t be buying it. I don’t want to be carrying around part of a dead animal with me but I guess that explains why it is so expensive. If Pennys make a faux leather version for around €20 then I would be interested but as it is right now, I’ll pass.

2. Flat Elastic Bootie (€39.95) ZARA
When I first saw these boots, I fell in love. I’m always looking for a nice pair of casual boots but I can rarely find any when I’m shopping. I’m seriously contemplating buying these boots even though I’m supposed to be on a spending ban right now. I’ve been putting off trying them on in case I love them so much that I have to get them and ruin my plans of saving money.

3. Urban Soft T-Shirt (€19.95) ZARA
This T-shirt is a great colour, it would go with so many different things, and it is really soft (I’ve seen it in real life as when as online :P) Basically I just think that it would be a great addition to someone’s wardrobe. You could dress it up with a big necklace and high heels, or you could dress it down like in this look.

4. Bomber Jacket (€59.95) ZARA
What I like about this jacket is that it has a very slight gangster sort of feel to it. ZARA have a couple of other jackets in this style with lots of crazy designs but I can tell if I love or hate them. This one is a little more neutral but it still has that cool look, and as soon as I saw it I wanted to build a look around it, and try to figure out what different things could go with it.

5. Skinny Jeggings (€19.95) ZARA
I love these jeggings, I have these jeggings. The only thing that is annoying about them is that they lose their shape a bit after a while so you have to repurchase them every so often. They are really comfortable though and I love the acid wash style. I’ve been thinking about re-buying these for a whle but I think it might be better to get an actual pair of jeans this time, not jeggings, so that they will last longer and I don’t have to buy another pair in a couple of months.

I hope you liked this post. I loved putting the look together and writing it for you. Leave a comment down below telling me which is your favourite item in this look, or even just showing me what is your favourite item in ZARA right now (include a link or just a description if you can’t find it online)

Casual Look for Autumn From ZARA 2

Casual Look for Autumn From ZARA 3

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