Christmas 2013 Haul

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Christmas 2013 Haul 1
Hey guys! Today’s post is a haul of all the beauty items and other things that I got for Christmas that I thought I would show you. I’ve tried out a few of them already so I’ll let you know what I think of them so far as well in this post.
Christmas 2013 Haul 2
The first thing in this haul are these Ruby brushes with brush belt included. There are six essential makeup brushes that I will definitely use. I had never heard of Ruby brushes before but they look and feel like really good quality. I will let you know more once I’ve had the chance to test them out a bit but I am really happy with this present.
Christmas 2013 Haul 3
The second thing is my Christmas haul is this gorgeous River Island wallet. I just really like the design of it and quickly transferred all the stuff in my old wallet into this one. I really love River Island for wallets, they always do really nice ones.
Christmas 2013 Haul 4
Christmas 2013 Haul 5
The next thing is this Get the Look, Loveable Luxuries makeup set. There are a lot of things in this set including some gorgeous shimmery eye shadows, eyeliner, nail polish and lip gloss. I really like the colours of the eye shadows and I can’t wait to try out some looks with them. I also think that the nail polish is a gorgeous colour, really metallic and edgy.
Christmas 2013 Haul 6
I also got this River Island London perfume. I can’t really explain the scent but the River Island website says that it is a “fruity cocktail on top accompanied by addictive gourmand notes on the drydown”. I’ve only tried it once and I’m not sure if I like it or not yet so i’m going to try it some more and see if I can get used to it.

Christmas 2013 Haul 7

Christmas 2013 Haul 8
I got two CD’s for Christmas that I picked out myself and the first is Eminem’s new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. I love Eminem and have listened to this CD a few times since I got it. I really like it and my favourite songs so far are Berzerk, Rap God, The Monster, Survival and Legacy. 
Christmas 2013 Haul 9

Christmas 2013 Haul 10
The second CD I got is the new One Direction Album Midnight Memories The Ultimate Edition. I really like this album too. I’ve listened to it quite a lot. My favourite songs on it are You & I, Strong, Better than Words, Story of my Life and Best Song Ever. I have the other two One Direction albums and I listen to them all the time and I think that it will be the same with this one.
Christmas 2013 Haul 11
Christmas 2013 Haul 12
I also got this Soap and Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl set. It has five smoulder kohl eye pencils in different colours and three Soap and Glory eye shadows. I’ve already used one of the kohl eye pencils and they are really good for smoking out a look. I thought that because of this that they would smudge easily throughout the day but it didn’t. It was also really pigmented and I barely had to lean with the pencil for the colour to come out. I haven’t tried the eye shadows yet but I really love the colours.

Christmas 2013 Haul 13

Christmas 2013 Haul 14
I got another Soap and Glory set called Powder Trip which I absolutely love. It has both brush and bronzer in and I really love the shades. I think I’m gonna use this a lot because I don’t have many blushes or bronzers so I’m glad I have more of a selection now.
So that was my Christmas haul, I hope you liked it. If you did, make sure to like this post on bloglovin or give it a plus 1 on Google Plus. I hope everyone had a great Christmas 🙂
Christmas 2013 Haul 15
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