Collection Galactica Lip Butter Review

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Hey guys, today I am reviewing the Collection Galactica lip butter. I saw this in Boots for around €4 and loved the colour (Pink Rush) so I knew I had to get it. I tried it on as soon as I got home and I was a bit disappointed with it. It didn’t come out the same pigmentation of the colour that I thought it would. 
I decided to try it under a lip liner (Essence’s Cute Pink) to see if it would look any better. It turns out that it does. It actually looks the same colour as it appears to be and it last quite a bit longer.
Collection Galactica Lip Butter Review 2
Collection Galactica Lip Butter Review 3
The lip butter on its own
Collection Galactica Lip Butter Review 4
The lip butter with lip liner underneath
Although I said, the lip butter last longer with the liner under it, it really doesn’t last that long at all. It lasts about an hour, or two if you are lucky. I think this needs to be viewed more as like a lip gloss or balm instead of a lipstick for staying power. It needs to be reapplied a couple of times throughout the day and has quite a glossy finish.

I mostly use this lipstick for filming videos because I would be scared if I wore it all day that it would either fade very fast or smear across my face. I love the colour and it’s perfect for filming videos so I don’t regret buying it, but I don’t think I will ever wear it during the day because I think it would get ruined too easily. As soon as I eat or drink it basically fades away to just a pink tinge on my lips.

Overall, I wasn’t very happy with this product and if I didn’t use it for filming videos, I probably wouldn’t use it at all.  I love the colour and I think it is really cool but that really doesn’t mean much when it doesn’t last. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you are curious to try it for yourself, it’s less than €4 so it won’t break the bank.

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