Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick (Seduction) Review

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Hey guys, today I’m reviewing the Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in the colour Seduction. I love the colour of this lipstick, it’s perfect for fall and winter. I got it in  Boots and I can’t remember it’s exact price but I think it was about €3 or €4. Like the Collection Galatica lip butter, that I reviewed last week, It’s not an amazing quality lipstick. It’s quite glossy so can smudge really easily and doesn’t last an amazing length of time. I’d say the longest it lasts is about two hours before you have to reapply it, but I think the longest time I got it to last for without it looking faded was about an hour and a half. (with a lip liner underneath) I prefer this lipstick to the Galactica lip butter but it’s only slightly better quality than that one which isn’t that great at all. This one had a much better pigment and actually came out the colour it appeared it would. 
There is a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick that would probably be a better quality dupe for this colour. I think it’s the colour 001 but I might be wrong. It’s basically a dark winey colour anyway that might be better to invest in for about €7, rather than skimping a few euros on this lipstick and not having it last very long. I’ve heard great things about the Kate Moss lipsticks so I think I might get that colour and see how it compares. I’m sure that it would be better quality and I like that it has more of a matte finish which I thought the collection one had but it turned out that it didn’t.
Overall, I love the colour of this lipstick but it not very good quality so I recommend spending a little more to get a lipstick that would stay put for longer. I hope you liked this post 🙂 If you did please don’t forget to save it on Bloglovin or give it a +1 on Google Plus. Have you tried this lipstick or the Kate Moss one? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments below.
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