Cool Retro Shades from River Island and Zara

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Cool Retro Shades from River Island and Zara 1

Hey guys, so recently I have noticed that there are some really cool sunglasses around, and if you haven’t got any for summer yet then this blog post might be perfect for you. Some of the sunglasses I’ve seen in River Island and Zara are so cool and retro looking that I just had to show you them. Here are my top 6 pairs of sunglasses that I’ve seen in the last few week. I’m seriously considering getting either number 1 or number 6, they are just so cool and I love their colours.

1. Aqua Rubber Retro Sunglasses– River Island (€13)
I really love these sunglasses. Their shape and colour are just so cool. These glasses are the most me out of all the sunglasses in this post. They are cool and retro but they are also one of the most wearable shape sunglasses in this blog post and they are also one of the cheapest.

2. Hexagonal Sunglasses– Zara (€19.95)
These sunglasses are such a cool shape. There are really cool looking but not that out there, so you wouldn’t have to feel self conscious wearing them like you might with some of the other sunglasses.

3. Zebra Pattern Sunglasses– Zara (€25.95)
I’m not really an animal print person but I think these zebra sunglasses are just so cool. Who wouldn’t want a pair of zebra print sunglasses?

4. Pink Colour Block Round Retro Sunglasses– River Island (€13)
I love these multicoloured sunglasses. I’ve never seen sunglasses like them before I love the pastel pink and blue in these glasses. They are gorgeous!

5. Red Faux Pearl Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses– River Island (€17)
These sunglasses are class. They are so cool. They remind me of the movie grease and I think they would be perfect if you are dressing up as a pink lady for Halloween. I don’t think I could get away with wearing them as everyday sunglasses but there are some other people that definitely could.

6. Rubberized Effect Sunglasses– Zara (€16.95)
I absolutely love these glasses. The light blue colour is gorgeous and the shape is so unique. I’m seriously considering getting these glasses. I try them on every time I’m in the shop because they are so cool. I’m trying to cut down my spending so I can save more but these glasses are trying to sabotage that plan 😛

7. Light Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses– River Island (€13)
This is another pair of sunglasses that remind me of the pink ladies. They are so cute, and I love the cat eye shape. They are a great wearable pair of retro sunglasses for this summer.

I hope you liked this post. Leave a comment down below telling me which of the sunglasses from this blog post are your favourite 🙂

Cool Retro Shades from River Island and Zara 2

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