A Crazy Week At Home

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So, I had a really crazy week which made all my plans go out the window. It all started when I took my dog to the vet for her yearly boosters. She had started to lift her back leg up when she was running around and playing ball the week before so I decided to get that checked too.


I don’t think I’ve introduced you to my dog before. Her name is Lexi. She is a rescue dog and we have had her just over a year. We think she is almost two years old.


Anyway, on to the story…


When the vet checked her leg, he said that her kneecap was coming out of place and turning to the side and that she would need to have surgery. That was not something I was expecting to hear that day but I booked the surgery anyway. He said it wasn’t anything serious but without the surgery, her leg would be hurting her.


We were really nervous the day of the surgery because the vet had told us that there was a risk of her reacting badly to the anaesthetic, a very low risk but he said he had lost dogs from that before. Thankfully, the surgery went fine but she had to stay overnight in the veterinary clinic to recover.


When we went to collect her the next day, we were sent home with lots of instructions on how to help her leg heal and were also told that it would be best if she was on cage rest so she wouldn’t damage the leg.


This is her in her cage after the surgery, looking miserable with her cone on:a crazy week

So this is when the story starts to get crazy. I had been staying at home for the week to help Lexi recover, icing her leg, doing massages, letting her out to the toilet and all the other stuff.


One of the mornings just after I had given Lexi her painkillers and antibiotics, My mom mentioned that she had heard a cat crying coming from somewhere out the back. My dad told us he had seen a kitten down there earlier. I went down to see where the kitten was and if it was on its own but there was no sign of any kitten. 


But soon, I heard crying coming from the woods and I proceeded on a trek through the woods in search of this lost kitten. I walked through the woods for a ridiculous amount of time chasing after the crying sound. I eventually came out of the woods, not really near my house, still looking for the elusive kitten. 


Eventually I found the kitten but she was in my neighbour’s garden and they were trying to catch her. She was very distraught and was hiding in a bush, crying non-stop. I tried to help them catch her for a while but eventually had to go back home and ice Lexi’s leg. Before I left, I told them if they caught her I could take her for a while if  they couldn’t find anyone else to look after her. My dad knew a woman who loved cats and would be able to take her in a week so we would only have to mind her until then. 


Less than an hour after I returned home to look after Lexi, the door bell rang and I was given this tiny, scared kitten. We got her some food and water and gave her somewhere to sleep. 


Lexi doesn’t really like cats so I had to keep them in different rooms. It was a bit stressful having to run between rooms check on them both and looking after them. 


Here is a picture of the kitten we found: 

a crazy week

The rest is a long story but basically my mom came home from work and wasn’t happy that there was a kitten there. She let it stay the night but the next day she said it better be gone before she got home from work. 


Lets just say the stress was real the next day, trying to looking after Lexi and the Kitten, which we nicknamed MacKenzie, and trying to find someone who could take a kitten on short notice. I rang the local animal welfare a few times but couldn’t get through. It was a bank holiday so they were closed for the day. My dad rang the woman who he said should be able to take her in a week but kept getting no answer. 


Eventually we just drove to the woman’s house in the hope she would be there and she was. She was so happy to be able to look after Mackenzie. 


And since then, I’ve been mostly staying at home looking after Lexi. She had to go back to the vet a few more times. I thought that her leg wasn’t healing right but it turns out it is okay, she has just been using it a bit too much.


So that is an update of my crazy week and what’s been going on with me lately. Lexi still has another 2 months of recovery before she is properly healed but I can’t wait for the day when she can run around free playing ball again in the garden.


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