Disneyland Paris Trip!

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Hey Guys! As ye know I recently went on trip to Disneyland Paris. My Nana took me and my little sister there for two days.We stayed in one of the Disneyland Hotels called Cheyenne.It was set in a cowboy village and everything was cowboy themed. We had a great time over the two days and here are some pictures of our Disneyland Paris trip:  
Disneyland Paris Trip

Me, messing around in the airport, waiting for our flight.

Disneyland Paris Trip Plane

On the plane with my little sister, Bríd.

Our cowboy styled hotel room :) Disneyland Paris Trip

Our cowboy styled hotel room 🙂

Disneyland Paris trip

This was the lamp in our hotel room haha.

We went for Disneyland Paris' twentieth anniversary! Disneyland Paris Trip

We went for Disneyland Paris’ twentieth anniversary!

Disneyland Paris Trip

It wasn’t the weather we were expecting for Paris at the end of May 😛 It lashed later that day for around three hours and we got soaked!

Disneyland Paris Trip

I had another picture where I got the sword out of the stone but i accidentally deleted it 😛

Disneyland Paris Trip!

The Parade: Sleeping Beauty was my favourite Disney Princess when i was a child 🙂

Mary Poppins in the Parade | Disneyland Paris Trip

Mary Poppins in the Parade

Buzz lightyear Disneyland Paris Trip

Toy Story Playland in Disney Studios.

Toy Story Disneyland Paris Trip

The toy soldiers’ walkie talkie in Toy Story!

Me and one of Andy's toy soldiers | Disneyland Paris Trip

Me and one of Andy’s toy soldiers 🙂

Disneyland Paris Trip

Bríd screaming into one of the Monsters Inc. scream monitors

Disneyland Paris Trip Monsters Inc

Me and Boo’s door from Monsters Inc.

Disneyland Paris Trip | Painting the roses red

Me and my pal painting the roses red in Alice in Wonderland’s Maze 😛 # Bromance

I Hope you liked this post about my Disneyland Paris trip. Please leave a comment if you did. There will be another post during the week of my Paris Haul. Please follow me if you want to see it 🙂    

-MissLauraBora xx

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