Duty Free and Paris Haul!

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Duty Free and Paris Haul! 1
Hey guys! When I was in Paris last week I bought a couple of things in the duty free for a lot cheaper than I would have at home.The first things I got were on the way over in The Loop in Cork airport. I got Benefit’s The Porefessional and a new They’re Real Mascara because I have run out. I also got my first O.P.I. nail varnish because I’ve wanted to try O.P.I. for ages. The colour I got was Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink. It’s a gorgeous colour that can be worn everyday and as soon as I saw the name, I knew I had to get it. I got it for €11.70 which was very good because I know that they are usually around €14 or something if not more. I saved a lot of money on the Benefit products, saving €20 between the two products as I got the Porefessional for €24 (whereas it’s €35 at home in Boots) and I got the mascara for only €18 (Whereas it’s €27 at home). I was very happy with this because I was going to get the mascara and Porefessional anyway so I saved a lot of money.

My favourite thing I got for a lot cheaper than usual was on an Aer Lingus flight home. They were selling the Real Techniques Core Collection for just €20 ( That’s just €5 per brush). As ye know I already have the blush brush, stippling brush and the starter set, but I still wanted the core collection because I’ve heard that the buffing brush that is in it is the best of all the Real Techniques brushes. I had seen the core collection in Boots but it was for €28.99 so I was so happy that I got it for just €20 🙂

Another thing that I bought on the trip is the coolest hoody ever… a Buzz Lightyear one. I got it in one of the Disneystores in Discovery Land in the Disneyland Park for €45.99. I know that’s quite expensive but it’s a really unique hoody and a great souvenir from the trip (also it’s really warm and we hadn’t packed for the cold, wet weather that was there when we went 😛

Duty Free and Paris Haul! 2


Duty Free and Paris Haul! 3
Hope you liked this post. If you want me to do a review on any of the above products just leave a comment down below.                                          
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