Duty Free Haul On The Way To France

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Duty Free Haul On The Way To France 1

Hey Guys! Well, I’ve arrived in France, but on the way I did something that I shouldn’t have; I went a little mad in the Duty Free. They had a Bobby Brown counter and I’m pretty sure there isn’t any where that sells Bobby Brown in my home town so there were two things that I definitely needed to pick up: their gel eye liner and their concealer. I’ve heard a lot of great things about these Bobby Brown products and I’m looking forward to try them out and reviewing them in the next few weeks. I got the corrector concealer in the colour Beige for €19.95 whereas on Amazon it is at least €25 and I got the gel liner in Black Ink for €19.10 Whereas on Amazon it was around €27.

I also got an O.P.I. nail polish in the colour Dining Al Frisco for €11.70 which I think is pretty normally priced. It might have been a euro or two cheaper than usual. The colour is a gorgeous shimmery blue colour. I’ll make sure to do a NOTD soon to show you all how gorgeous it is. I also got a Mac lipstick for only €15.65 when it’s usually €18. I got the colour Russian Red because I wanted to get a nice classic red lipstick because every girl needs one of those 🙂

Sorry this post was rushed or spelt a little wrong. I’m in an internet cafe and the keyboard is weird with the buttons all in different places than usual and i’m running out of time. I’ll try to post soon but there probably wont be a Friday Favourite tomorrow because I’m still trying to sort out my internet.

Duty Free Haul On The Way To France 2

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