Essie Nail Polish Haul

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Essie Nail Polish Haul 1

Hey guys, I’m so happy because I have finally gotten some Essie nail polishes. I’ve read a lot of blog posts about them and have been dying to get some but they don’t have them where I live in Ireland. I was planning on getting some online but I hadn’t gotten around to it when I found a place that sells them here in France. They had so many cool colours that I didn’t know what to choose. I ended up choosing two pinkish toned colours that I thought I would get a lot of wear out of instead of bright fun colours because they were quite expensive and I wanted to get some that I knew I would definitely wear a lot.

The two colours I got were Bahama Mama (on the right) and Island Hopping (on the left). I really like these two colours for fall and winter and think I am going to wear them quite a lot. Bahama Mama is actually more of a darker plum colour than in the picture but I couldn’t get it to show up on my camera. I really like Island Hopping and think that it will be my favourite of the two. It’s very neutral so it can go with anything. I’ve already tried Bahama Mama and it came out a lot darker than I had expected but i still really like it. I’ll make sure to do a NOTD of each of them soon so you can see what they are like.

I knew I had to get these because I had wanted to try Essie for ages but I don’t think that I would buy a lot of their nail polishes because they are very expensive. I was going to get another colour that I liked (“overboard” in case you were wondering) but it was just so dear altogether, I would have spent over €30 on nail polish. Individually they were €11.90 each which is very expensive, I know that I would have been a lot more likely to buy more if they were on offer, but sadly they weren’t 🙁 I think they would be something that I would treat myself to one of every so often when I have the money because they are supposed to be really good quality.

Hope you liked this post 🙂 I will be doing a NOTD of each of these soon so make sure to check back to see them. What do you think of Essie nail polish? Do you think they are worth the money? Leave a comment below. You can buy Bahama Mama here or Island Hopping here on the Essie Website.

Essie Nail Polish Haul 2
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