Favourite Posts From 2014

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Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great 2015 so far. For today’s blog post I thought that I would look back at my favourite blog posts from 2014 and share them with you.  This is in the order the posts were published, not in order of preference, so it’s starts from January and goes on from there. So here we go.

The first post is The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014: My Best and Worst Dressed. In this post I pick my best and worst dressed of the SAG Awards like I did with a lot of other award ceremonies last year. Award season is coming up once again and I will be doing all my best and worst looks from the red carpets so keep an eye out if you like those sort of posts.

Favourite Posts From 2014 1

The next post is one called “Getting Up Early” where I talk about how much better I felt when I got up early and got all of my work done instead of leaving it hang over me all day until I finally did it.

Favourite Posts From 2014 2
The next post is my review of Benefit’s Coralista blush from April which is one of my favourite blushes to use throughout the year.
Favourite Posts From 2014 3
Now on to another Benefit post: My Benefit Wishlist. In this post I list the top 5 Benefit products on my wishlist and explain why I think they would be great additions to my makeup collection. 
Favourite Posts From 2014 4

The next few posts are all blogger tutorials which are some of my most viewed posts on my blog. The first two are Starting a Blog: Creating and Adding a Header, and Starting a Blog: Adding a Background.

Favourite Posts From 2014 5
The next post in another blogger tutorial where I show you how to add social media icons to your blog
Favourite Posts From 2014 6
And finally, the last post is a simple autumnal outfit that I put together as a fashion post. This is my Snuggly Fall Fashion Look.
Favourite Posts From 2014 7
So those are my top blog posts from 2014. I hope you liked them and had a great 2014. Leave a comment below telling me which one of these posts was your favourite, or if you had another favourite that didn’t even make it to this list. 
Favourite Posts From 2014 8

Favourite Posts From 2014 9

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