Feeling Stressed Out

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Feeling Stressed Out 1

Hey guys, today I want to talk to ye about stress. Sometimes I have so much to do and get so stressed that I end up frozen with anxiety. I’m so stressed about the things that I need to do that I can’t even physically start them. I know that if I start doing some of the things that I will start to feel a bit better about everything but it’s like I get temporarily trapped in a state of panic and just sit there thinking about everything I need to do. The main reason for this is because of college in France and how much work I have to do because everything’s in french and I’ll let you in on a little secret; I actually don’t speak very good french, shhhh!! 😛 So basically I’m completely lost in all of my classes and am pretty sure that I could fail. But I’m still mostly optimistic that everything is going to turn out fine.

The reason that I felt this way today is that I have an essay due and I have no idea how to do it. That paired with a lot of other things I needed to do today made me freak out a bit for a while. I feel a lot better now because that feeling passed and I started to get a couple of things done. I know you are probably wondering that if I am so stressed and have so much to do then how come I am writing a blog post today. Well mostly it’s because it calms me down and also I end up feeling a lot worse if I don’t post and think I’ve left you down. Sometimes it is a little stressful to have the blog to think about along with everything else but it is a place I can go to get away from all the other stuff for a while and reading all your lovely comments makes my day. I want to thank you all for continuing to read my blog and leaving wonderful comments because it means a lot to me and I love having this blog.

Well anyway, I found this quote and thought it was perfect for this post. You can let stress take over your life and spend the day rolling around on the floor worrying about your life (not that I actually do that :P) or you can try to beat the stress by starting one tiny little thing that you needed to do that day and finishing it, it might just give you the motivation to start the next thing. I know sometimes when you feel like that, even doing one small thing seems impossible but if that’s the case then take a half an hour and do something that relaxes you a bit until you feel you can start something and I know that even if i’m just doing anything that I needed to do that day, I feel way better and can start thinking about the other more difficult things.

Do you ever feel this way or is it just me? Please let me know in the comments below so I know that i’m not crazy 😛

Feeling Stressed Out 2
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