Friday Favourite #12 Mac’s Naked Lunch Eye Shadow

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Friday Favourite #12 Mac's Naked Lunch Eye Shadow 1
Hey Guys! Today’s post is of my favourite eye shadow right now, well basically for the last six months since I got it. Naked Lunch by Mac. I absolutely love this eye shadow along with many others women it seems as this is one of Mac bestsellers for eye shadows. I first heard of this eye shadow when Tanya Burr did a video of her favourite Mac eye shadows which you can watch here. I actually bought every single one of those eye shadows after I watched it to put in my Mac 15 palette. I just love the colour Naked Lunch and use it all the time across the lid and then put any colour I want in the crease because is such a nice shimmery nude colour that any colour will go with it. 
One of the things I love the most about all Mac eye shadows is that they are really high quality, the colour lasts for so long that my eye makeup looks the same when I’m taking it off as after I just put it on. I know there are always cheaper alternatives for Mac products that are as good quality, or near enough to it, as Mac, but I really think that their eye shadows are the best. I haven’t found any eye shadows as good quality as them.. yet 😛 I have already used this eye shadow in a blog post I did quite a while ago of my everyday makeup tutorial, pairing it with Mulch, also by Mac, in the crease. To see that blog post click here. 
Friday Favourite #12 Mac's Naked Lunch Eye Shadow 2
Naked lunch across the lid, with Mulch in the crease and Nylon in the inner corner.
If you are intersted in buying this eye shadow, you can buy it here on the Mac website or click here to get it in pan form to add it to your palette 🙂
Hope you liked this post! Do you have this eye shadow? What is your favourite eye shadow right now? Leave a comment below 
Friday Favourite #12 Mac's Naked Lunch Eye Shadow 3

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