Friday Favourite #13 Benefit’s Sugarbomb Blush

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Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush 1
Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush 2
Hey Guys! The weeks Friday Favourite is Sugarbomb blush by Benefit. It is one of the seven Box O’ Powders by Benefit. This is probably my favourite blush by Benefit and definitely one of my favourite blushes for summer that I have. It consists of four different shades : A peachy tone, a sort of brownish plum colour, a rose pink and a sort of coral pink tone. You mix all these colours together to make one gorgeous shade. The packaging of this is really pretty (like all benefit products) and it comes with a little mirror in the top of the box and a small brush to apply it (Though I prefer to use one of my own blush brushes). It is one of Benefit’s top sellers and according to their website suits all skin tones. 
It is very expensive though for a blush, as all the Benefit box o’ powders are, for €34. I really do love this product and do think that I would repurchase it if it ever runs out, but if you do not have that much money to spend on makeup, I think that you could get away without it. I don’t think that blush is a product that you really need to splurge on and that you could probably find a nice blush for a lot less money. If you do have the money, however, and like to spend a lot on your makeup, I would really recommend this blush. I wear it all the time and absolutely love it!!

Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush 3
Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush 4
Hope you liked this post 🙂 You can buy Sugarbomb here on the Benefit website. Do you own any of Benefit’s box o’ powders? Which one? Leave a comment below.
Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush 5

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