Friday Favourite #16 Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

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Friday Favourite #16 Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush 1
Friday Favourite #16 Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush 2

Hey Guys! Good news, I’ve finally gotten internet here in France!!! So there will actually be a Friday Favourite today 🙂 Today’s Friday Favourite is the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. The main reason that I love this brush, and use it all the time, is that not only is it great for applying eye shadow but it’s also great for blending too. It’s like having two brushes in one 🙂 I’d much prefer to use this brush over any normal flat eye shadow brush any day of the week.

I got it in the Real Techniques Starter Kit for €20 in my Amazon Haul. This set contains five other brushes including some that are my other favourites to use (like the brow brush). The set also comes with a Deluxe Crease Brush to be used for blending, but I prefer to use it as a concealer brush so I like that I can use the Base Shadow Brush for blending as well as for applying eye shadow.

It’s also fairly small so that you can take it anywhere with you, either with the rest of the brushes in the travel belt that comes with them or just on its own, thrown into your handbag. I also love that it’s purple and really cute looking. I really like all the brushes in the Starter Kit but my three main favourites, and the ones I uses the most, are the Base Shadow Brush, The Brow Brush and The Deluxe Crease Brush. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this brush separately but it comes with the starter kit. If you are interested in getting this kit, you can buy it here on Amazon for around €20, which is really good value because the brushes are really good quality and you get five for €20.(as well as a travel brush belt)

Hope you liked this post 🙂 I’m glad to finally have my blogging back on track again and not trying to rush it in an Internet Cafe 😛 Even though I only didn’t have internet for like five days, it felt like forever and I really missed my blog and doing blog posts. I have a couple of posts planned for this week so make sure to check back to see them or follow my blog on bloglovin’ or GFC to see when I put up new posts 🙂

Friday Favourite #16 Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush 3
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