Friday Favourite #22 : Bourjois Délice De Soleil Bronzing Powder

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Friday Favourite #22 : Bourjois Délice De Soleil Bronzing Powder 1
Friday Favourite #22 : Bourjois Délice De Soleil Bronzing Powder 2

Hey guys, this week’s Friday Favourite is the Bourjois Délice De Soleil Bronzing Powder. This is my favourite bronzer for using daily. Bronzers are a product that I think you don’t have to be too picky about but there are still a couple of things that I really like about this one over other bronzers. The colour I have is no. 14 olive/tanned skin. I like this product because even though it’s for olive/tanned skin, it isn’t too dark so I can wear it with my everyday makeup look, but it is quite build-able if I want to do any contouring which is great.

The bronzer itself is slightly shimmery but it’s very subtle just to add a radiant glow to your skin, and doesn’t end up making you look like a disco ball as you might with other shimmery products 😛 Another thing I really like about this bronzer is the smell, it’s so nice. I wasn’t really sure how to describe it but I recently read that it’s a chocolaty orange scent so if you love Terry’s Chocolate Orange then this bronzer could be perfect for you 😛 Don’t worry, it smells nicer than Terry’s Chocolate Orange 😛

One of my absolute favourite things about this product is the packaging. It’s compact so it’s easy for travelling, and it also has a little mirror attached to it that can swivel around and stand up so that you can use both hands to do your make up which is really cool, except I accidentally dropped mine on the floor twice now so it doesn’t stay up by itself anymore, but at least the powder is intact and the lid is still attached 🙂 A little brush is also included to do your bronzer with but I prefer to use my Sigma powder brush instead because it’s way faster to use and easier to blend out with. This bronzer is fairly cheap for €12.99 or £8.99 especially since you can use it as a travel compact mirror as well as a bronzer. I really like it and will be repurchasing it once mine runs out.

Hope you liked this post 🙂 If you want to buy this bronzer you can get it here on Amazon. I’m going to sleep now, I’m getting a train to Paris tomorrow and spending the day there before getting a nine hour bus journey to London and I just really hope that I’m somewhat better tomorrow before I go. That nine hour bus journey would not be fun while still sick 🙁  Hopefully I can find a doctor in Paris if I am.

Friday Favourite #22 : Bourjois Délice De Soleil Bronzing Powder 3

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