Ghost Deep Night Perfume Review

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Recently I bought the Ghost Deep Night Perfume gift set for only €15 euro in the Superdrug January sale. The set contained a 30ml bottle or Ghost Deep Night and also a body lotion with the same scent.
ghost deep night fragrance review
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I really like the packaging of this fragrance; a deep purple crescent moon shaped bottle. It is a nice addition to any vanity. I definitely prefer this bottle to the original Ghost bottle, although I do like that one too. I’ve never tried the original Ghost perfume but I think, even though it contains a lot of the same ingredients, that (from the name) this one is supposed to be a deeper version. This is also a pretty affordable perfume, even though I got the gift set on sale for €15, at full price the 30ml is no more than €25.


This perfume has quite a strong scent. I feel like it is an almost masculine scent and that this could be a unisex fragrance. The main accords in this perfume are vanilla, peaches, woody scents, white floral, amber and musk. The more I find out about the notes in the perfumes that I love, the more I realise that there are so many ingredients they have in common. Vanilla, white floral and woody seem to be among my favourites.
ghost deep night fragrance
Because this is quite a strong scent, you really only need one of two sprays and it seems to last quite a long time. If I spray it before I go to work, I continue being able to smell it through the day and once I get home. Although it is quite a deep smelling perfume, I don’t feel that it’s overpowering, although it quickly could be if you sprayed it dozens of times all over yourself.


So that was my Ghost Deep Night Perfume Review. Overall, I really like this perfume and it is quickly becoming one of my new favourite scents. I love how affordable it is so that when I run out, it will be easy to repurchase. Even though it is quite a strong, almost masculine scent, I really like it and use it almost every day. Have you ever tried any of the Ghost fragrances? If so, let me know what you thought of them in the comments below. Also, if you are interested in buying this perfume, you can buy it here on Amazon. Talk to you soon.
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