Gift ideas for Sisters

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Gift ideas for Sisters 1

Hey, guys! I’ve been thinking lately of what to get my sisters for Christmas and I came up with a few ideas that I thought I would share with you. One of my sisters is in her twenties and the other is nearly fourteen so I’ve put together a little mix of presents ideas for both of them. So here are my ideas:

1. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Eye Palette – Boots (€38.00)
When I saw this I thought of my older sister, she has a too faced palette already so I know she likes the brand. I thought the colours in this palette would be perfect for her, there are neutral ones for every day but there is also black and silver to create a really dramatic smokey eye. It’s pretty expensive though so it would only be that present on its own that I would get her and I want to get her a few things.

2. Essence Gel Nails At Home – Pennys/Primark (€25- €30)
This is something that I just think would be a great present for any girl. I mostly put this on the list because I would really love to get this for Christmas and I know both of my sisters would feel the same. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s basically a really inexpensive kit to create gel nails at home. The beauty of it is that you can use it with any nail polish including the Essence ones that are less than €2 and it turns them into a gel nail finish so your nail polish will last much longer.

3.  Sleek 7 Piece Brush Set- Boots (€15.99)
I really think my younger sister would love a makeup brush set. She has a few random brushes but is constantly stealing mine. This one is really inexpensive and has all the essential brushes that a 14-year-old would need. It also has a brush belt that I think she would love because it makes the brushes look a bit more professional and she can take them with her anywhere she goes.

4. Rose Gold Tine Bracelet Watch (€37.00)
I love this watch, my mom loves this watch and I bet both of my sisters would love it too. Any girl would love this watch for Christmas. I don’t know how many of my friends in work have rose gold watches but I know that these are a big favourite right now among them all. I think I might actually get it for my mom now because when I showed her the sister gift ideas picture I made she completely fell in love with the watch and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

5. Maybelline NY Limited Edition Fashion Look Box – Boots (€24.99)
I think this set is perfect for younger teenage girls who are starting off their makeup collection, or maybe don’t have that much makeup yet because it has a lot of different products in it. There is mascara, blush, baby lips lip balm, nail polish and more and it isn’t too expensive.

I hope you liked this post. What are you thinking of buying your family members for Christmas? Has everyone already started Christmas shopping? I still haven’t gotten half the things I need. Leave a comment below.

Gift ideas for Sisters 2

Gift ideas for Sisters 3

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