Go Easy On Yourself!

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Go Easy On Yourself! 1

Hey guys, today I thought that I would share this quote with you because I think we all need to be reminded to go easy on ourselves at some point or another. We put so much pressure on ourselves at times and sometimes it feels like nothing is going right. I know that I am a big perfectionist and if everything is not perfect then I at least want it to be really good, and if it’s not really good then I feel like a bit of a failure. I think I need to remember that I’m taking on a lot this year and it is an accomplishment in itself just to juggle everything. Sometimes things just need to be okay – not perfect, and not better than everyone else – just okay. Even if they are not okay and you are struggling, at least you are trying.

I think that whatever is going on this week, and you are feeling a bit crap about things then just remember to go easy on yourself. You are only human so you don’t have to feel so guilty for cheating on your diet, going on that mad shopping spree or messing up in work this week. Give yourself a break and reward yourself for continuing to try anyway, no matter what the outcome. When you are stressed out or feeling bad, remember this quote, and I talk to you lovely lot later in the week 🙂

Go Easy On Yourself! 2

Go Easy On Yourself! 3

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