Hospital Visit

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Hey Guys! Yesterday morning I had to get surgery to get all four of my wisdom teeth out because they were growing in the wrong direction and pushing against my other teeth. I had to wear a paper gown that tied at the back for the surgery and get an I.V. in my arm to be put to sleep. I was a bit nervous going in to get the operation and going under anesthesia but everything went okay. When I woke up my mouth was numb and full of gauze and my face was very swollen. Whenever I tried to talk I sounded like Frankenstein’s monster haha. Two hours after the waking up (and after drinking some water and having some jelly and ice cream ) I was able to go home. I’ve had to survive on a cold soft diet for two days so I’ve had a lot of ice cream and yogurts but i get to start having hot liquids tomorrow like soup. I can’t eat anything solid for about five days and I can’t have any taytos for a week in case it opens up my stitches (I’m dying for a bag of chili heatwave doritos 🙁 ). It’s so annoying because everyone on TV is having Barbecues (or in TOWIE’s case a Carb-ecue) and all I want is a burger or some chicken…mmhh. I’m already planning a humongous feast for when I can eat properly again 🙂 I’m still pretty swollen and sore but I’m taking a lot of pain killers and get to watch a lot of TV, eating a lot of ice cream so it’s not so bad 🙂

Hospital Visit 1
Me before going into surgery taken on my mom’s camera phone.

Hope you liked this post. Please comment below if you have ever got your wisdom teeth out or if you have any food ideas for my big feast once i’m better 😛
Hospital Visit 2

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