Inexpensive Beauty Blender Dupe Review

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I’ve wanted to try out a beauty blender makeup sponge for a while now but the actual Beauty Blenders are so expensive. When I saw this B. latex free blending sponge in Superdrug for just €6.45, I thought that I would try it and see what it was like. I bought this when I was planning my 100 layers of makeup video and didn’t want to ruin my makeup brushes.


Is this the Best Inexpensive Beauty Blender Dupe?


I’ve had this sponge for about 2 months now and I still have mixed feelings about it. I feel like I both really love it and sort of hate it at the same time. My favourite thing about it is that my makeup does end up looking really good and it is great at building coverage. The thing that annoys me about it is that it takes so long to do your foundation.

It’s quite a small sponge, although you can get smaller, and it’s average in terms of the size of a regular beauty blender but using it kind of annoys me. It might be down to some bad memories of the 100 layers of makeup video because I did use it to apply 100 layers of foundation and it took almost 4 hours.


Inexpensive Beauty Blender Dupe Review


My sister has basically stolen this from me now and uses it all the time to do her makeup. She loves it for her foundation, concealer, and powder. I sometimes take it back every now and then to do my makeup but I wouldn’t use it every day because it takes so long to make your foundation flawless.


Another thing that I don’t really like is that it’s hard to get in around your nose or under your eyes with it. I prefer to use the bottom of it mostly but it’s too big to get into smaller areas. When I use the small pointy area at the top, I feel it doesn’t blend as well and it not great at getting into the smaller areas either.


Finally, it’s not as easy to clean as a makeup brush, and once it has foundation stains, they tend to stay. Also, sponges are supposed to hold more bacteria than makeup brushes so hygiene-wise it’s probably not great.


Overall, I don’t regret buying this product because it was pretty reasonably priced and provides good coverage with most foundations. I know so many people who love beauty blenders and their dupes but I think I just prefer a makeup brush most of the time. Maybe I might start to do a compromise where I do my foundation with a brush and do my concealer with the sponge so that it is quicker and I use it a bit more but as for now, I only use it now and then. It’s a good one for a special occasion though where you don’t mind spending a long time on your makeup.

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