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Hey guys, I just thought that I would share this funny little quote with you today. I think it is definitely true in that the busier you are, the less time you have to waste worrying about your physical appearance. Society today makes not being perfect looking seem like the end of the world but it really isn’t. If I was the most gorgeous supermodel in the world, I don’t think it would make me any happier in my day to day life. When I was younger I probably thought that it would have and I wasted a lot of time being miserable because I didn’t look perfect. Now I think that one of the key ingredients in being happy is being successful at something you love, whether it is only a hobby or not. Even if your not successful but your are trying, it will make a difference. Once we have a purpose in life, no matter how big or small, that we love, the more confidence we have about ourselves and then that confidence will spread to our psychical appearance too. Then we can get on with saving the world without worrying about how big our noses or thighs look 🙂
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