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Hey guys, so when I was in London last week, I went to Lush in Covent Garden. I’ve never been to Lush before so I was really excited to go there because I had thought about ordering some online before but I wanted to smell the different products before I bought them. There were lots of stuff in the shop that I wanted to get but I decided to limit myself to a few products because I tend to go a bit overboard at times 😛

The first thing I got is their bubblegum lip scrub. I love the idea of lip scrubs and how could I not get one that is bubblegum flavour? It has castor sugar in it to exfoliate your lips and buff away all the dead skin and it also has organic jojoba oil to moisturise them at the same time, leaving them really soft. I thought that I should get this because my lips are likely to need more TLC going into winter so they don’t dry out. It was under £5 which I think is fairly okay because there is quite a lot in it and you don’t need to use it every day so it should last fairly long.

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The next thing I got is the R&B Hair Moisturiser. It’s like a leave in conditioner that’s rich in loads of oils and butters especially for dry or curly hair (mine is both). You just rub a bit through your fingers and work it through either dry or slightly wet hair and it helps to condition it and give more structure to your curls. I got the 100g tub if it for just over £11 but I think it will last quite a while because you only need to use it when your hair is particularly dry and in need of major nourishment.
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After that, I decided to look at some massage bars because they are supposed to be great for moisturising your skin and leave it feeling really soft. I chose Soft Coeur because I am absolutely in love with the scent. It’s chocolate and honey flavoured and apparently smells like Lush’s Honey I Washed the Kids scent if you have ever smelt that before. It makes your skin really soft. You just rub it on dry skin and it melts at skin temperature so all that’s left to do is rub it in. I found out though after I bought it that it has a honey and cocoa powder center which could be a bit messy so I’m not sure what that is going to be like yet. I got one of the soft coeurs for over £4 and it’s my favourite thing I bought in Lush so far.
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The last thing I got after I had already gotten everything else was some soap. I had bought my items and was leaving the shop when I realized that I hadn’t got any soap yet which is what I had gone to Lush in the first place for, to find an amazing smelling soap. I did, and it turned out the be the first soap I smelled. The soap I got was Angel’s Delight and it smells just like jelly babies. I really love it and definitely want to get some more when it’s gone.
Lush Haul 6
Hope you liked this post 🙂 I’m so glad that I finally got to try Lush after hearing so much about it for so long and I can’t wait to go back. If you want to get any of these products you can get them here on the Lush website. Have you tried Lush yet? What is your favourite product of theirs? Leave a comment below 🙂
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