MAC Rebel Lipstick Review

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  Hey guys, so recently I bought myself a new MAC lipstick as a treat. I wanted a sort of dark, vampy, purple one for autumn so I decided on Rebel. It is a satin finish lipstick and it is a sort of middle ground between red and purple. MAC Rebel Lipstick Review 1

MAC lipsticks are some of my favourites. I only treat myself to them once in a blue moon because they are so expensive so I’d say I only have four in total (except I’ve lost my Shy Girl lipstick recently which I am pretty upset about because it was my favourite one). The reason why I love MAC lipsticks is their quality. They are so pigment and they last for hours. This is the main reason that I tend to go for MAC if I’m looking for a very bright or bold lipstick; the quality isn’t as important for me when I’m looking for a neutral colour. This is my first Mac satin finish lipstick and I really like it. It’s very similar to their matte ones and lasts just as long, although I think it doesn’t dry out your lips as much as the matte ones.

I’ve been wearing this lipstick with either a red lip liner or a purple liner underneath because it gives a slightly different look to the shade. I think I prefer wearing a purple lip liner though because when I bought it I had very purple lips in mind, and a red lip liner makes it more winey which is similar to another lipstick that I have.

Penneys/Primark sell a very cheap lip liner that is a perfect match to this lipstick in their PS Love collection. It’s called Plum and I think it was only €1:50. I just love pairing this liner with the lipstick because it comes out the perfect autumnal purple colour.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Review 2
MAC Rebel Lipstick Review 3
Here is what Plum and Rebel look like together when applied to my lips: 
MAC Rebel Lipstick Review 4

I really love this lipstick and think I am going to wear it quite a lot over the next few months. I got it mostly for autumn/winter but I love it so much that I’ve already started wearing it on nights out. What do you guys think of very bold lipstick colours? Do you love them or tend to stay away from them? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you are interested in getting this lipstick, click here to go to the MAC website. Talk to you soon!

MAC Rebel Lipstick Review 5


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