Maple Holistics Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Review (Plus Get A Free Sample)

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A few months ago, the lovely people from Maple Holistics sent me some products for review. The products that they sent were their Argan Shampoo, their Silk 18 conditioner and a cute little Vanilla flavoured lip balm. 
Natural shampoo and conditioner, argan oil, silk
The first thing I did when I received the items was to open the tops of the hair products and see what kind of scent they had, which is something that is important to me when choosing shampoos and conditioners. I was a little shocked at first when I smelled the shampoo because I was expecting it to be a completely different scent to the scent it turned out to be. It was kind of like expecting to drink a fizzy drink and then drinking water or vice versa. I didn’t really like the scent as it was a bit strong and completely different to any shampoos that I would normally go for. I then put it down and forgot about it for a few days until I was ready to test them out. 
My second impression of the shampoo when I smelled it again, but this time, expecting more of a strong, sweeter scent, was that I actually did like it. I think it just really took me off guard the first time. I still can’t really place the smell, although it is made with argan, jojoba, almond, peach kernel, camellia seed, avocado, and botanical keratin. Even when I smell it today, the only way I can describe it is that it smells like holidays. I don’t know how but the scent reminds me of being on sun holidays as a child. 
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The conditioner has a bit more of a subdued scent to the shampoo but I prefer it. It has a bit more of a vanilla-y scent than the shampoo but it’s not just a vanilla scented shampoo. It has that sort of sweet scent that the shampoo has and contains a lot of the same ingredients (eg. argan, jojoba oil) but as it says on the bottle, “it is complimented with soft, natural vanilla undertones”.   
I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner together so this is a sort of joint review. I initially didn’t notice much of a difference in my hair. It was sort of a bad time to test out hair products because I had just dyed the ends of my hair blue and didn’t want to leave shampoo or conditioner in my hair for more than a minute or two in case it removed more of the colour. I usually leave my conditioner in for about ten minutes if not more). However, within a few weeks, I noticed that my hair became super soft and silky which I thought was really impressive since I wasn’t leaving the conditioner in as long as I usually would. I’ve been missing that softness in my hair since because I recently dyed my hair again which has dried it out a little bit.  
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As well as the two hair products, the people from Maple Holistics also sent me a cute little vanilla flavoured lip balm, which if you know me is one of my favourite scents and flavours. If I didn’t mention already, all of these products are completely natural, including the lip balm which has vitamin E and cocoa butter. I have been loving this lip balm throughout this winter to keep my lips soft especially because I just love, love, love the flavour! (and lip balm is something that I always forget to buy) 
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Although, I initially wasn’t very impressed with the hair care products (any more than I would be with any other shampoo or conditioner), after a few weeks I really saw a change in the softness of my hair. I feel the products are pretty expensive, though. The shampoo is currently on their site for $12.97 (€12.06) and the conditioner is currently $11.95  (€11.11) down from $30.00 (€27.88). As someone who is used to buying both shampoo and conditioner for less than €10 and don’t think I will be buying them both once they run out. I think I will I have to choose one because I can’t really afford to spend that much on shampoo and conditioner together. I think I will go for the conditioner again if it stays down at the €11 mark because I prefer its scent to the shampoo and If I’m going to splurge a bit, I would prefer to splurge on a conditioner. 
Here is the good news for you guys though. Maple Holistics have a section of their site where you can request a free sample to try out for yourselves so you don’t have to take my word for it. Click here if you would like to go to their site to request a free sample now. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments section below if you have tried any products from Maple Holistics before, and what you thought of them if you did. Have a great day and I will talk to you soon. 
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*Although these products were sent to me for review, all of the above views and opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. 


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