Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review

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Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review 1
Hey guys, today I am reviewing the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin foundation. This is the foundation that I have been wearing for the last month and I’m pretty happy with it. It retails at about €13 which is slightly expensive for a drugstore foundation but not very much. It evens out my skin tone and has a fairly good coverage. You can build on it for more coverage but I prefer to just do the one layer because my skin is quite good at the moment. What I like about this foundation is that it covers up any flaws and evens out the skin tone but it doesn’t feel heavy or very noticeable on your skin. It’s quite natural looking.
The weird thing about the foundation is that I don’t notice it lasting all day or fading away, I know that sounds strange. I feel like at the end of the day my skin still looks really good but it doesn’t really look like I’m wearing foundation. There is no powdery or cakey bits, it just blends super smoothly onto your skin. One thing I have to say about this foundation is that for lasting power, I prefer the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation because if I’m wearing it and go to a dance class or go on a run later in the day, it is still there afterwards, whereas this foundation is usually pretty much gone after a fairly intense workout. That’s not really a big deal though because there aren’t that many foundations that would last through that anyway and I really don’t expect them too. The Bourjois one is just an amazing expection [that I’ve sadly run out of 🙁 ]. In all other cases, I pretty much like this foundation as much as the Bourjois one which I love. 
So do you really get better skin by using it? I have pretty good skin anyway, I only get the occasional spot or three, but I have noticed that when I use the foundation, I go longer without getting a spot. I used it most days for a week, and I usually get one of two pimple every couple of days but I noticed that week, I only got a tiny one at the end of the week. Once I stopped wearing the foundation for a while then I noticed my skin pretty much went back to normal. One cool thing about this foundation is that, you know that feeling when you’ve been wearing foundation for a couple of hours and your skin kind of starts to feel oily in a certain area and you think, “I’m going to have a spot there tomorrow”, well with this foundation, I got that feeling a couple of times over the course of wearing it but no spots developed in those areas. So I think that it did help my skin but then again there is a chance it was a coincide and I was just having good skin days. I feel like the foundation did help somewhat though.
Below are before and after applying the foundation pictures so you can see for yourself what you think:
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review 2
Overall, I’m pretty happy with this foundation. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever tried, but it’s probably in the top 5 drugstore foundations I’ve tried. I like wearing it and will continue to use it until it runs out. I’m not sure if I will repurchase it yet, I might. It’s weird, with this foundation, I keep thinking that one day I’m suddenly going to realise that I absolutely love or don’t it but it’s just not happening. It’s just a good foundation, that ticks all the boxes that you need for a foundation but for some reason it doesn’t wow me, maybe my foundation standards are too high, and it has to be the most amazing thing ever to impress me. I would definitely recommend you try it out and see what you think because I feel like this review sounds  quite negative even though I do really like this foundation. I might have just been expecting too much.
I hope you like this post. Have you tried out this foundation? I’d love to know what you think of it! Leave a comment down below telling me what you thought 🙂
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review 3
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review 4

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