Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

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Hey guys, today I am reviewing the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I’ve been wearing this foundation for the last month or two and I sort of have mixed feelings about it. 
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review 1  My favourite thing about this foundation is that it makes my skin look really flawless and radiant looking, and I feel it has slightly better coverage than the average drugstore foundation. I usually apply two coats of this and my skin looks almost air brushed with it on. Sounds amazing.. doesn’t it? Well of course there is a catch.. it can’t possible be that amazing…
The problem with this foundation is that it doesn’t seem to last the day. My skin becomes quite oily while I’m wearing it and it sort of melts off my face. This doesn’t happen straight’s usually okay for an hour of two before it starts to fade, but it does get fairly shiny within the first hour if you don’t apply powder over it. You might be thinking, “well, you must just have very oily skin and that is why it happens”, but I’ve read a few reviews on this foundation and quite a few people state this problem. I don’t even have oily skin, my T-zone just gets slightly oily throughout the day. This foundation seems to make my skin much oilier than it is with any other foundation. 
The good news is that if you apply a lot of powder over this foundation and re-touch it again later on in the day that your makeup will be fine, it just isn’t one of those apply once, last for 24/12 hours types of foundation. The worst that happens if you powder and re-touch it is that you might look a little shiny at different parts of the day depending on how active you are being. This is definitely not a foundation to wear to the gym or a dance class, because it will probably just melt off you face if  you do. 
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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review 3
I still don’t really know how I feel about this foundation. It makes my skin look so good that I think the pros outweigh the cons, just slightly. It’s pretty ideal for me to wear in my videos because I don’t need to worry about it lasting very long. I don’t think I would mind buying it again but I also feel that there must be a better foundation out there that not only makes my skin look so good but also lasts a significant amount of time before it starts to look very shiny. 
What do you guys think? Do you not mind having to reapply or retouch foundation a few times throughout the day as long as it looks good or do you prefer one that will last as long as possible? Let me know in the comments below, and also let me know if you have tried this foundation before and what you though of it. 
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