My Fashion History: Part 1

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Hey guys, so I found lots of old pictures of me the other day and decided that I should do a post of my horrible fashions throughout the years so you can all have a good laugh.
My Fashion History: Part 1 1
I’ll start with a picture of me as a baby. I don’t really have a problem with this outfit but I thought that it was a good example of 90’s fashion. I actually really like the colour of the jacket and that fact that it matches my shovel 😛
My Fashion History: Part 1 2
I don’t know what to say about this outfit. The waistcoat thing is just hideous. This is probably the most hideous picture of me that exists. This picture, plus a lot more, really makes me question my mother’s fashion sense.
My Fashion History: Part 1 3
Here is me wearing a bumbag in my back garden. There was no practical reason for me to be wearing it so I must have thought that they were cool. The more this post goes on, the more I think how weird 90’s fashion was. Are bumbag’s coming back into fashion though? Click here to read my blog post about it.
My Fashion History: Part 1 4
Here I am on Santa’s lap wearing a full Reebok tracksuit. It’s a bad thing that I wore this to see Santa because that means that these were my good Christmas clothes. I probably bought them a week or too before, thinking that they were the nicest clothes in the world. Also, I really hate these colours together.
My Fashion History: Part 1 5
Here is a dress that I used to wear a lot.It had load of cherries on it and it came half-way down to my shins. It’s a bit Little House On The Prairie which makes sense because my mom actually named me after Laura Ingalls, so maybe she was trying to make me look like her 😛
My Fashion History: Part 1 6
This is me on Christmas Day in my onesie so I now know where my love of onesies came from. (well other then when I wore them as a small baby) I remember that I had more than one onesie at this age and I literally wore them until I couldn’t anymore because I had outgrown them, so you can imagine how happy I was when to came back into fashion and were available in adult sizes.
My Fashion History: Part 1 7

Here I am on my 7th birthday wearing the most hideous shirt that I have ever seen, and I remember that it was made out of the strangest material ever. I don’t understand why I liked it. I love the fact that I’m also wearing a spy watch at the same time. I remember that those watches were really cool and held gum in them.

So that was my fashion history post. I will probably do another one some day of my teenage years, if I can find any pictures (I always avoided the camera in those years :P). If you were wondering what the hell was going on with my hair in these pictures, don’t worry, I will be doing a hair history post soon enough. If you liked this post make sure to give it a like on Bloglovin and leave a comment below telling me what your biggest fashion disaster was.

My Fashion History: Part 1 8
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