My Favourite Videos from 2014

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My Favourite Videos from 2014 1

Hey guys, so, because my last post was my favourite blog posts from 2014, I thought that for this post I would do my favourite YouTube videos from 2014. Below are 8 of my favourite videos that I made in 2014. These are in chronological order so some of them actually get better as you go on.

The first video is a the Cotton Wool Ball Challenge that I did with my friend, Aoife. This was so much fun to do and I just loved filming this video. The rules of the game are that you have to blindfold yourself and then try to spoon out as many cotton wool balls out of a bowl and put them onto a plate on your head. The person who gets the most wins, and the person who loses has to suck a lemon.

The next video is the first ever sketch that I did. It’s called Annoying Teachers. This was really funny to film, especially because I got to draw on a fake mustache and dress up. In the video, I talk about all they different types of annoying teachers I had in school. 
The next video is called Things I Do When Driving. In this video, I talk about all the weird and funny things I do when I’m driving around. 
The next video is the TMI Tag! I answered all of the personal questions in the tag and a lot of people really liked this video. 
The next video is another sketch, What Not to Do in an Interview. Sketches take a lot more work and time to film but they are so fun to film and this one was no exception. 
The next video is a Get Ready With Me. In this video, I create smokey eye look with a red lip.  
The next video is a sort of vlog where I talk about how I don’t know what to do with my life. I love how this video came out and it was really funny to film. It is one of my overall favourites, if not my favourite, from all my videos. 
The last video on the list is my 1st ever gaming video where I play The Sims 4. I’m so happy that lots of my viewers really love my Sims series because I wasn’t sure how they would take it as it it so different to my other videos. 

So that’s it. My favourites of my YouTube videos from 2014. I hope you enjoyed watching one or two of them and that they might have made you laugh or helped you. If you would like to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to be notified when I make new videos, click here so you can go there and subscribe.

Also, Red Carpet Season is coming up/ may have already started so leave a comment below letting me know which award shows you would like me to do my Best and Worst dressed of.

My Favourite Videos from 2014 2

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