My Custom Neutral MAC Eye Shadow Palette Collection & Swatches

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My Custom Neutral MAC Eye Shadow Palette

Hey guys! For today’s blog post, I thought that I would share my custom neutral Mac eye shadow palette with you all. This is pretty much my entire MAC eyeshadow collection. I find that between this and the naked palettes, I have every neutral I could ever need.

Basically, I went a little crazy about a year or two ago and went out and bought this 15 shadows custom palette and filled it without owning any MAC eyeshadows previously. I chose mostly neutral colours because I love neutral eye shadows and subtle makeup looks. 

I remember when I bought the palette, they didn’t actually have the case to put it in and I had to leave the eye shadows in the insert case for a few months while I waited for them to get the new cases. I was so happy when the cases came in because now my palette actually looks complete! So here is a run-through of each of the eye shadows in my palette:

My Custom Neutral MAC Eye Shadow Palette Collection & Swatches 2

Top line L-R: Brule, Honey Lust, Quarry,Omega, Espresso,
Middle Line L-R: Nylon,Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Smut,
Bottom Line L-R: Naked Lunch, Mulch, Coppering, Charcoal Brown, Carbon

Here are the swatches:
My Custom Neutral MAC Eye Shadow Palette Collection & Swatches 3

A lowdown on each of the shadows:

Brule: A lovely natural highlight. 
Nylon: A bright shimmery white that looks great in the inner corner (Tip by Tanya Burr)
Naked Lunch: I love this shimmery pink shadow all over the lid with Mulch in the crease. 
Honey Lust: An extremely shimmery shadow with a rose gold tint. This one gives a lot of fall out. 
Woodwinked: A gorgeous deep shimmery gold shadow. 
Mulch: One of my favourites. A dark shimmery brown. 
Quarry: A light matte purple eye shadow. 
All That Glitters: A really pretty shimmery gold neutral shadow. 
Coppering: A shimmery red colour to go all over the lid. 
Omega: A light matte brown. 
Satin Taupe: A gorgeous shimmery purpley sort of colour great for all over the lid or through the crease with a lighter colour on the lid. 
Charcoal Brown: A matte brown that goes great in the crease, and is perfect for filling in my eyebrows. 
Espresso: A deep matte chocolate brown.
Smut: A dark grey shimmery colour that is perfect blended out under the lower lash line when black seems too harsh. 
Carbon: A basic matte black for any smokey eye makeup look. 

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this run-through of my custom neutral MAC eye shadow palette. I really love this palette because MAC’s eye shadows are all really great quality and because these are neutrals, I can wear them whenever I what.

I think I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a whole palette, but maybe build it up over time by adding more and more eye shadows. Then you will know that every colour in your palette is something you really love. Have you any MAC eye shadows? Let me know which ones in the comments below. 
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