My Top 6 Zara Outerwear Picks

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My Top 6 Zara Outerwear Picks 1

Hey guys, today I thought that I would share some coats and outerwear with you in case you somehow haven’t gotten round to getting any yet. These are my top 6 from Zara.

1. Basic Parka (€99.95)
Everyone loves a parka jacket. I’ve seen so many people wearing them this autumn and I used to wear my sister’s all the time. I love how casual these jackets are, that you can throw them over anything and still look nice. It’s almost becoming a staple in people’s winter wardrobes these days. Everyone seems to love wearing parkas in winter. Also, it’s great that with this jacket, and most of the others I chose, that they last you for a few years and can be brought out of your closet for the colder months each year.

2. Hooded Poncho Cape (€79.95)
I really love the idea of capes. They are so cool and I love this slightly more casual one. It looks really warm and cosy. The only things is that your arms would probably still be cold but you could always layer lots of thick sweater or cardigans underneath to keep them warm.

3. Short Coat with Furry Interior (€99.95)
I really like this coat. Grey is such a great colour for winter and I really love the length of this. Also, it is so perfect that it has a furry inside to keep you warm through all the cold and frost.

4. Buttoned Cape Coat (€129.00)
I love this cape coat! It is so cute, like a black version of Little Red Riding Hood’ cape. I just love the fact that capes are in all the shops now and I would love to get one. This is the most expensive of all the coats that I have chosen so it would have to look amazing on me to actually buy it because realistically, right now, I don’t think I would spend more than €100 on a coat.

5. Parka with Patterned Fur Lining (€99.95)
This coat is a nice length and has the great furry interior to keep you warm. It’s kind of like no. 3 but in black with less of a winter-y feel to it. Great to keep warm and would go with so many things.

6. Over-sized Weave Coat (€99.95)
This coat is a lovely pale pink colour and has a lovely woolen feel to it. This one is longer than the others and would be perfect for a really cold day, maybe if it snowed or was very icy. I love this because it is the typical winter coat but in quite a unique colour for one.

One thing you have to be careful about with Zara is that they sometimes do real leather and fur. The “fur” in the coats I listed are made with polyester and acrylic and other materials that aren’t fur, but if you are getting a coat there and are against wearing fur then make sure to check the composition details on the tag to make sure it’s not made with real fur.

I hope you liked this post. Which is your favourite of the outerwear I chose? Leave a comment below 🙂

My Top 6 Zara Outerwear Picks 2

My Top 6 Zara Outerwear Picks 3

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