My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters

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My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters 1

Hey guys, today I’m sharing my top picks from the “new in” section of the Urban Outfitters website with you all. Urban Outfitters has a lot of really cool clothes which are always way too expensive for me to actually buy… but a girl can dream 😛 The bad news for my readers from Europe is that most of these are only available from the US website. I didn’t realize this at first but I figured that since a lot of my readers are from the US that I would still post this, but I will do another one from their Europe site later in the week so hopefully nobody is missing out. Anyway, it’s still interesting to see what kind of cool clothes the US website has to offer. So here are my top 5 items of the new collection in Urban Outfitters US.

1. Hooded Parka Jacket ($169)
This jacket looks so comfy and warm. I love it! It has this really amazing hood that you can’t see in the picture but make sure to click on the link above to see it. I just think that this jacket is so gorgeous and unique for the winter months.

2. Black Heeled Boots ($130)
I love ankle boots and these ones are very versatile; they could be worn as either casual or dressy depending on what you wore them with. The perfect staple for anyone’s wardrobe.

3. Blue Striped Fuzzy Cardigan ($89)
This cardigan just looks like the most fuzziest, coziest item of clothing in existence, so perfect for winter, especially at Christmas time. I can see this worn really casually with jeans or quite dressy with a skirt, boots and a nice top. Love it, love it, love it!!

4. Maxi Button-Down Shirt ($79)
This is a item that I’m not sure I would wear but I just loved the idea of it, and I have never seen anything like it before. A great way to look casual and stand out a the same time!

5. Lace Maxi Skirt ($79)
This skirt is really beautiful but I wouldn’t wear it with the clothes that it is paired with in the picture. I would wear it with heels, a nice top and a gold statement necklace on a night out, because I think that it would really make you stand out and look stunning.

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My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters 2
My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters 3

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