My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters (Europe)

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My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters (Europe) 1
Hey guys, so as I said I would in my last post, I am showing you my top picks from Urban Outfitters (Europe). I don’t know if would ever buy any of these because they are super, super expensive. But if we were living in a dream world and money was no object, then this would be the items that I would choose from the new collections at Urban Outfitters. (If you are from the US, check out my top picks from Urban Outfitters from the US site which has different collections.)
I love this jumper. Living in Ireland, it is really annoying when you find a nice top, but you end up having to cover it up with a hoody anyway because it’s so cold outside, so I really love nice sweaters or jumpers that keep you warm and look great at same time. This one is so pretty, and I just love the elbow patches.
I love these jeans because they remind me of the 90s. They’re quite different from what you usually see but I love how cool and relaxed they are. This is the item that I would be most likely to buy from this post but they shouldn’t be €85. I would gladly but them at around the €40 mark but I just couldn’t justify €85 on a pair of jeans. 
This cardigan is perfect for the winter months.I really love the length and how it looks on the model, but I can’t help feeling that I would be swallowed by it. I would definitely have to try it on before buying it, but I love the knit design and think that I would get a lot of wear out of it during the autumn and winter months. 
This bag with Bambi all over it is so cute. One thing that I love about this bag is that it’s not too overly cute which it could have been. It has a sort of urban edge to it with the 42 print. It’s also pretty inexpensive compared to other Urban Outfitter products which is great because it’s not uncommon for a bag to be €50.
Another sweatshirt for the autumn and winter months. I really love the sheer detail on it that really differentiates it and makes it a bit more elegant than other sweatshirts. Have you noticed the price tag however? It’s €290!! That is crazy money for a sweatshirt. I could never actually pay that much for it.
Anyway, crazy prices aside, I hope you liked this blog post, and that it helped you to see some of the new collection from Urban Outfitters (europe site). What do you think of Urban Outfitters? Is it one of your favourite shops or do you think they are very overrated? Leave a comment below.
My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters (Europe) 2
My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters (Europe) 3

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