New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions 1

Hey guys! So we are almost in 2015! Do you all make new year’s resolutions or do you think they are pointless? I like to take the new year to re-motivate me and remind me what my goals for the foreseeable future are. Some of my resolutions are things that I am going to do all the time and others are just things that I want to keep in mind throughout 2015. So for 2015 my new year’s resolutions are:

  • I want to make a main video and a gaming video twice a week for my YouTube channel starting in like two or three weeks when my gaming videos change from one every second week to one every week. 
  • I want to keep up with my blog and try to do some more interesting and creative posts (I don’t know how well I will do on that until May for reasons which I will be using in my next resolution) I will be posting consistently enough though and doing about 8 or 9 post a month at the very least no matter how busy I am. 
  • I want to survive my last semester of college/ Uni, my final year project, work, uploading 2 videos a week and blogging consistently.(while trying not to fail out of college)

  • I want to look after my mental health by trying not to get too stressed this year and try to keep on top of my anxiety by giving myself allotted time off where I’m not allowed to feel guilty for not doing work and just lounging about watching TV or YouTube videos. I also might take up some small form of meditation and drink more green tea. 

  • I want to be nicer and try not to give out about other people no matter how stressed I am or how annoying they are. I also want to try to see things from other peoples point of view more. 
  •  I want to do at least one or two things to help out around the house other than walking my dog (which I do anyway), especially on my days off work or college so that my mom and I will get on better this year and we will both be less stressed. 
  • Finally, I want to make a list of what i’m grateful for, maybe each night, maybe once a week or maybe only once a month, to remind me of all the good things in my life. I also want to pick out the highlight of my day, each day, even if it was the most crappy day on earth, to remind myself of the positives and to think positively 

I hope you liked this post and my resolutions helped to inspire some of yours. It’s great for me to have them all written down so I can go back to them in the middle of the year and remind myself of some of the things I might be forgetting to stay on top of. Please leave a comment down below telling me your new year’s resolutions or if you do them at all because I would really love to hear them.

New Year's Resolutions 2

New Year's Resolutions 3

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