NOTD | Black and Gold Metallic Nails

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NOTD | Black and Gold Metallic Nails 1

NOTD | Black and Gold Metallic Nails 2
Hey Guys! Today i’m going to be a bit more adventurous with my nails, using black crackle glaze over gold nail varnish to create this cool metallic look. I really like the idea of crackle glaze because it looks like you have spent a lot more time on your nails then you actually have. If you don’t know how crackle glaze works, you start off by painting a base colour (like I did with the gold), wait for it to dry, and then just paint the crackle glaze straight over it. (it’s a simple as that) Then some of the crackle glaze will crack off you nails on its own and leave them looking like this design in the picture above.
I got this Angelica Crackle Glaze in the colour Black Crackle in Pennys for only around €2 so it’s great value for money. The Gold Catrice nail varnish is no. 650 Goldfinger and is Limited Edition (just under €2) but you could use any gold nail varnish to achieve this look. You could also use the crackle glaze over any other colour that you like. Both red and silver are colours that I think would look really cool 🙂 
You can buy Angelica nail varnishes at any Pennys (Primark). Barry M also do a crackle glaze that can produce a similar effect and it can be bought at most Boots Stores or you can click here to buy it on Amazon.
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NOTD | Black and Gold Metallic Nails 3

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