NOTD: Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish

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NOTD: Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish 1

NOTD: Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish 2
Hey guys, the other day I tried out the Collection Hot Looks nail polish in the colour 65 Scorched. I bought this because I thought it looked really cool and metallic, and it was really cheap too. It was only like 3 euros in Boots. I liked the nail polish but it was a little bit brighter than I was expecting. I would prefer if it was a tiny bit darker just so it could be worn for more types of occasions. It chipped pretty fast but I guess that’s what I should expect for a nail polish that was so cheap. These nail polishes are good for really bright and pigmented colours that are cheap if you don’t mind repainting, or they can last longer if you invest in a good clear top coat nail polish to wear over them. 
NOTD: Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish 3
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