NOTD: Essie’s Mind Your Mittens

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NOTD: Essie's Mind Your Mittens 1
NOTD: Essie's Mind Your Mittens 2

Hey guys, today I want to do a quick nail of the day for you all of Essie’s Mind Your Mittens. The reason why I wanted you to see what this nail polish looks like on your nails is because I find that with Essie nail polish, that the colour always comes out much deeper on your nails than what it appears to look like from the bottle, and I didn’t want you to buy it thinking it was the same as the bottle. I do like the colour when it is on my nails and I will continue to wear it, but I think that I would have much preferred this nail polish if it was a slightly lighter shade like what it appears to be on the bottle. I found that it came out this dark after only one coat which was a bit of a shock because I was expecting it to be much lighter. I still love Essie nail polishes though because they are great quality and take quite a long time to chip, but I’m going to be a little more wary the next time I buy one of them because this isn’t the first time that one of them came out darker than on the bottle.

NOTD: Essie's Mind Your Mittens 3

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