O.P.I Get Cherried Away Nail Lacquer Review

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Recently I bought a new O.P.I. nail polish called Get Cherried Away. It is a deep purpley plum colour. O.P.I, along with Essie, is among my favourite brands for nail polish, mostly because they are such great quality. They both last quite a long time before chipping, a lot more than any other brands that I’ve tried.
O.P.I Get Cherried Away Nail Lacquer Review 1
It’s pretty similar to Essie’s Bahama Mama, which is one of my favourite colours ever, except this is less of a wine colour and a bit more purpley than that one. Of course I saw it at the Professional Beauty Ireland event and thought it was a gorgeous colour, different to anything I had already, until I got home and realised that I have at least three other nail polishes like it, each which seem to be only one or two shades different. Does that ever happen to you? I find that I seem to gravitate towards wine and peachy nail polishes in the shop and almost always forget that I’ve bought that same shade time and time again. 
I got this nail polish for something like €6.50 which is almost half off. I had to stop myself from buying many other shades at that price and picked only one, one that I thought was completely different to anything I had 😛 Even though I have other colours like it, I still really like this one especially for the winter months. I have already been wearing this more than any other colour I have over the last two months, epecially for the quality because I’m constantly peeling off stickers and unpacking boxes in work which requires a strong nail polish in order for it to survive an hour, not to mind the entire day. 
O.P.I Get Cherried Away Nail Lacquer Review 2
This has quickly become one of my new favourite polishes that I can see myself buying again in the future. I’ll defintely need a new one to get me through next winter haha. 
Have you ever tried this colour or any of the other O.P.I. colours before? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of them and I’ll talk to your soon. 
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