How do I add tags to my blog on Bloglovin?

So fairly recently enough, Bloglovin started adding tags to blogs to make your blog easier to find. These are different from your blog post tags and are a number of specific tags that relate to your… View Post

Lottie London Nail Polish Review + NOTD

I hadn’t heard of Lottie London until quite recently but they have very cute packaging and a wide range of nail polishes along with other products. If you saw my Superdrug Haul about two months ago… View Post

Black is the New Black | My Top Shoe Picks (

 I was browsing on earlier today and picked out some of their shoes that are new in. The one thing that all these pairs of shoes have in common is that they are all… View Post

Where Have I Been??

Source So you might have noticed lately, and over the past year, that I haven’t been producing as many blog posts each month as I used to. A lot of that had been because I was… View Post

What I Ate Today | My Food Diary

In today’s what I ate today, I actually didn’t eat very much, although I nearly hit my 1400 calorie limit. Anyway, here is what I had: 7:00am – Green Tea So as I usually do… View Post

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