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Hey guys. Over the last couple of days I’ve been really confused and worried about a decision I needed to make. I was worried about this one thing and felt like a failure at it, and because of that I found that I started to doubt myself at everything else. I felt like anything that required me to use creativity that I was doing or could possibly do in the future was a waste of time. That I’m nothing but mediocre.
I know things take time and you don’t become amazing them overnight, but this one thing just makes me feel not good enough. Over thinking about it deeply during the last few days I’ve realized that I don’t enjoy this thing the way I used to. I doesn’t make me happy anymore. And when I really think about it I’m realising that it was an old dream of mine. One main thing that helped me make my decision about giving up this dream is that even if I could do it, it would be taking away from some of my main goals and other dreams that I have right now. It’s not a priority anymore. It’s being taken off the bucket list. 
I’m starting to come out of my misery daze and realise that not everything I do is terrible, but I don’t think that one thing is for me anymore. I’m seeing more clearly. I hate that this one thing made me feel that way and if I continue it in any way I’m going to start taking it a lot less seriously. It’s suppose to be fun, and it used to be. 
This quote really helped me in the end because even though this seems really important right now and that I’m losing almost an small aspect of my identity, because this is something I loved and connected with since I was a child, that it’s not really that important to me anymore. I need to let it go.
If any of you are struggling with a decision, then make sure to keep this quote in mind. It might just help. Not every opportunity is for us. There are some things we need to let pass us by. 
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