Real Techniques Core Collection Review

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Real Techniques Core Collection Review 1

Hey guys! Today am I reviewing the Real Techniques Core Collection. This set is one of my favourite brush sets. Now onto the review:

This set contains four brushes and a travel belt. The travel belt fits the four brushes and also has room for two more. It is really lightweight and easy to throw into a handbag or suitcase in a hurry so that your makeup doesn’t have to suffer on the go. It also can be arranged in such a way that it can act as a stand to hold your makeup brushes on your desk while you are doing your makeup.

The first brush in the set is my favourite brush, the buffing brush. This brush buffs liquid and powder foundations onto your skin to give you a flawless finish. It’s bristles are so soft and it is just the right size the blend your foundation perfectly. It’s small enough to get into hard to reach places but big enough that you can blend your foundation out quickly and you makeup doesn’t take all day. Also, none of these brushes seem to shed at all and haven’t as I’ve been using them over the past year.

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Real Techniques Core Collection Review 3

The next brush is the contour brush. This brush is super soft just like the buffing brush and is the perfect size and shape for both contouring and highlighting. Because it is quite a small contouring brush, it is really easy to do precise contouring to really make your cheekbones stand out, and it also can help to create a much more relaxed contour look because it is quite fluffy and easy to blend out with.

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Real Techniques Core Collection Review 5
The next brush is probably my least favourite and underused brush in the set. It is the pointed foundation brush. I don’t really use this, mostly because I love the buffing brush so much and mostly because it is quite small and would take ages to do your foundation with. It makes quite a good concealer brush however, because it can get into the creases underneath your eyes and the area around your nose to build a high coverage.
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Real Techniques Core Collection Review 7

The last brush is the detailer brush. This brush is also great for concealing but I really love this brush as a lip brush. It is a great size and shape for defining and filling in your lips to create the perfect lip shape. This is definitely one of my go to brushes when trying to achieve the perfect red lip.  Real Techniques Core Collection Review 8

Real Techniques Core Collection Review 9
So those are all the brushes in the set. One of the best things about the set is that is is really inexpensive for makeup brushes. It’s about €28.99 for the set in Boots whereas most MAC brushes that are about the same quality are €30 for just one brush. It’s also even cheaper on Amazon for about €22. I hope you liked this post and I’ll talk to you soon.
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